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January 01, 2020

Mac addicts are calling the 16inch Mac Book Pro; a beast and here is why.

A bigger, greater looking display:

Going from a 15.4-inch to a 16-inch diagonal is a bigger leap in display size than you might think. Big enough that you could easily do without an external display.

Magic Keyboard:

Apple used its iMac Magic Keyboard as the basis for the keyboard in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. It uses a scissor mechanism and it feels a lot different and more comfortable than the previous butterfly keyboards.


The 16-inch model is fitted with the Radeon Pro 550M GPU for an updated graphics subsystem with 8GB of GDDR6 video memory. In layman terms, this allows the CPU to perform at higher speeds for longer periods of time.

Bigger Battery:

The bigger model allows for more battery space. Hence the new battery size will keep your Pro powered for 11 hours, which is 1 hour more than its predecessors.


The new 16-inch MacBook Pro produces the best sound you’ve heard in a laptop. Apple has outfitted the laptop with a six- speaker sound system and dual woofers. The sound from this laptop isn’t just louder than most other laptops, it’s fuller, and the woofers create a rich bass effect that gives the sound a lot of depth.

Fingerprint reader:

The finger print reader is much more accurate than its predecessors. The fingerprint sensor is now a standalone button and distinctly separated from the Touch Bar.