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Budget Bluetooth Speakers | Oontz

November 26, 2019

Buying a good quality bluetooth speaker - that checks all the necessary boxes - without ripping a hole in your wallet; is not an easy feat.
The fact that you may have to compromise on sound quality when buying a budget bluetooth speaker, may just be negated by what we have to share.

The Oontz Bluetooth speaker range by Cambridge Soundworks, will surprise you with its volume and clarity without distorting at high volumes. Specially when compared to its competitors in the same and even premium price points, the sound range and bass is significantly better.
The Oontz range also boasts an impressive 30 hour playback battery life that varies mildly depending on the model. The fact that it can be kept flat or upright makes it functionally attractive. Add to that the fact that it is splash proof, means your shower dances and pool parties can be safely covered.

The Oontz also has a built in microphone, that means you can seamlessly transition from playing music from your phone, to attending phone calls.
The latest models include the Oontz Angle solo, Angle 3, Angle 3 Rain Dance and the Angle 3XL which mainly differ in size but hardly in features or sound quality.