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Go Pro-Fessional

January 01, 2020

The Go Pro Hero 8 and Go Pro Max had action camera geeks going nuts and with good reason. Go Pros are action camera royalty and loved by film makers and vloggers alike.

The Hero 8 boasts a new Hyper Stability 2.0 feature which beats the already amazing stability of its predecessor, the Hero 7 and thus gives visual looking detailed and smooth at up to 4K resolution 60fps. Coupled with four artificial lenses - narrow, wide, wider and widest, it gets everything in shot.

The TimeWarp 2.0 is another must-love feature for those who love making time lapses. It now has auto speed detection and you can also tap the screen when you want to slow down the time lapse effect, keeping frame rates consistent, then speed it up again; thus creating stunning footage.

The new model also doesn’t need a housing mount thanks to it’s new built-in mounting system which securely clasps onto a traditional GoPro mount.

The Hero8 is waterproof up to 33ft or 10m and insanely shock proof.

The Hero8 like previous models, also connects with iOS and Android devices through the GoPro app, making auto transfers to your phone extremely easy. It also easily charges with a USB-C cable and gives 50 minutes of continuous footage.

The Go Pro Max has dual 180-degree lenses that shoot 16.6- megapixel 360-degree photos & 5.5-megapixel 4:3 shots from just one of the cameras calling it “Max SuperView” photos. On the panoramic front, it shoots super cool 270-degree 6.2-megapixel panoramic photos called “PowerPanos”.

The videos can be captured in 1440p 60 fps footage with a single lens and 5.6k 30 fps spherical clips.

Like the Hero 8, it is encased in rubber, does not need separate housing, has stow-able feet that mounts easily on the traditional Go Pro mounts and is compatible with all the upcoming accessories.

Go Pros are a known and strong name known for its durable, portable little action cameras and the Hero 8 or Max are no different.